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All summer programs use the Little League age levels. The Suburban/Upper Charles leagues are for ages 9 thru 12 (Little League) and Tri-Valley Baseball is for ages 13 thru 16 (Babe Ruth).

Scroll down to see FAQs for Little League and details about Babe Ruth at the bottom of the page.

Little League 9-12

Medfield Youth Baseball offers opportunities to play for select travel teams in the 9, 10, 11, and 12 year old age brackets.   Primarily these teams will play in either the Suburban Youth Baseball league or the Upper Charles league: 


Suburban A:  This league is a competitive league.  Players selected for the A team must have played in the spring.  This is not an MYB/S rule--both the Suburban A League AND the Williamsport Tournament require players to have participated in the spring program.  There are generally 5 home games and 5 away games. Games are usually on weeknights. The top players identified in the selection process (described below) will play for this team.  It starts the last week of June and continues until the end of July.  Playoffs start in early August (if applicable).  Typically this team will also play at least one outside tournament. In this event, the kids are expected to participate and parents will incur additional tournament fees.  

Suburban B:  This league mirrors the “Suburban A” league in terms of time and commitment and league games.  This league is comprised of players who did not make the “A” team.  Pending the numbers, Medfield will submit one or two entries in this league.  If two teams are entered, they will be balanced teams.  The schedule runs from late June to early August with a playoff tournament in early August (if applicable).


Suburban C: This league is new in 2022, there is an opportunity to combine 9u/10u and 11u/12u players to compete in this league against similar skill levels.   MYBS's involvemen in this league will be determined by the number of kids registered to play SUmmer baseball but did not make the A or B team, AND also by the number of Suburban town teams that register. 




Each age bracket (9’s, 10’s, 11’s, & 12’s) will have a tryout in May.  The selection process will consist of the following factors: 


A)                  Performance during the actual tryout.  

B)                  Performance during the in-town seasons (including spring and fall) 

C)                  Performance during last summer’s travel season (if applicable).  


Prior to the tryout, each spring in-town coach will be provided a standard MYB/S evaluation form.  On this form, the in-town coach will be asked to rank all players trying out for the summer program.  This form will must be turned into the one of the summer coordinators prior to the tryout date, tryouts are required to make A team. 


Each age group will have a 1.5 to 2 hour tryout.  Each spring in-town team will have an evaluator present at the tryout OR there will be a group of independent evaluators.  The tryout will also be attended by a MYB/S board member (who has no child trying out).  At the end of the tryout, each evaluator will turn in his/her selection of 12 names (in order) for the “Suburban A” team.  The grade coordinator, the summer coordinator (if applicable), the independent board representative, with the help of the Spring Coaches input will help pick the team. 


The evaluators will also comprise a second list of players for the “Suburban B” team(s).  This list could consist of 13 to 26 players (in order), depending on how many “B” teams will be entered in that age group.  If there are two “B” teams, the “B” coaches will draft the two teams creating two balanced teams.  The number of “B” league teams will be dependent on the total number of players trying out in a particular age group as well as the availability of openings in the Suburban B league. 





The “Suburban A” coach for each grade will be picked by the grade coordinator and summer coordinator.  The coach will also have to be approved by the Medfield Youth Baseball Board on an annual basis. 


The “A” coach helps run the tryout with the Coordinator, assists with the selection process of the “B” team, and has the responsibility to enter the “A” team in preseason tournaments.  Therefore, the board wants that coach identified well in advance of the tryouts.  His son must clearly be a projected top 12 player as determined by the league coordinator and summer coordinator. 


The “B” coaches will be determined after the selection process or if a qualified coach volunteers in advance.  His son would have to be a projected top 25 player. 





Team assignments will be posted to the website within a week of the tryout.


MYB/S will designate a standard Medfield Summer Baseball uniform with the objective that all players in a specific age have the same uniform regardless of what team they are playing on.  The only exception to this will be the 12A team representing Medfield in the Williamsport Tournament (if they so chose).  Summer coaches are prohibited from purchasing uniforms on their own and must have their players wear uniforms that are designated by MYB/S.




Why do I have to commit to summer baseball in April/May? 

  • Suburban Youth Baseball requires a financial commitment in early May and therefore we must know how many teams (i.e. one or two “B” teams) to enter based on our signups.  In addition, there is a significant amount of coordination to make sure each and every player who signs up has a place to play.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee a spot for a child who signs up after the deadline.  They will go on a waiting list to see if other children decide to opt out.  There will not be any exceptions to this policy. 

Why can’t I just sign up the day of the tryout? 

  • Unlike other towns, Medfield tries its best to have a “No Cut” policy for summer baseball.  We have to know the numbers well in advance so we can enter the proper amount of teams and coordinate coaches, uniforms, etc. 

Can I miss lots of games in the “B” league? 

  • Since each team only has 12 or 13 players, it is difficult to miss more than 3 games.  The spirit of the league is to replicate the same experience as the “A” league (i.e. playoffs, umpires, standings) and develop players who want to jump to the next level. 

What about playing time? 

  • Suburban Youth Baseball requires that a player play at least three innings and get one at-bat per game.  The Medfield Board feels that fair play is an important component of our philosophy.  We also recognize that the summer travel season is very competitive.  We instruct each coach to attempt to exceed the playing time minimums as established by SYBL and have each player play at least 4 innings per game. 

What about playing time during the 12 year old Williamsport Tournament? 

  • Little league requires that a player play for six defensive outs and receive one at-bat per game, please visit LittleLeague.org for official rules (for teams with 12 players).  During the tournament the Medfield Board will allow a coach to adhere to this policy. As noted above:  The team selected as the 12A Suburban team will represent Medfield in the Williamsport Tournament. 

What can I do if I disagree with the placement of my son? 

  • It is very difficult to turn a subjective process into an objective result.  However, many evaluators are at each tryout (including an independent source).  The results will be final, but you may request constructive feedback from the board member at the tryout.

Babe Ruth

Medfield participates in the Tri Valley Baseball (TVB) League. The number of teams at each level depends on registration numbers. Unlike Little League/Suburban baseball, there is no "A" team or "B" team, and there are no tryouts. Each town in the TVB enters balanced teams. For example, If there were 24 players signed up for Babe Ruth/TVB in Medfield, MYBS will create two balanced teams with 12 players each. For more information on the league, go to https://www.medwayyouthbaseball.com/page/show/4169894-tri-valley-babe-ruth-tvb-. The levels are as follows:


Summer Babe Ruth Minors is for 13-14 year old boys 


Summer Babe Ruth Majors is for 15-18 year old boys


Babe Ruth Rules on Bats:



The bat may not exceed 34" in length and the bat barrel may not exceed 2 5/8" in diameter.  All aluminum/alloy barrel bats and all composite handle (only) aluminum/alloy barrels are allowed. Bats certified and marked BBCOR  0.50 will be allowed. Wood barrel bats conforming to the specifications of Official MLB Baseball Rule 1.10 are allowed.

The bat must be 2 5/8" in diameter and be a Drop -3 length to weight ratio. Only bats certified and marked BBCOR 0.50 are allowed. Wood barrel bats conforming to the specifications of Official MLB Baseball Rule 1.10 are allowed.