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2019 Medfield Youth Baseball and Softball Easy Reference Guide



Webmaster and Registrar:

Mail to: MYBS PO Box 366, Medfield MA 02052


Baseball Coordinators (Spring)
  • First Grade: 
  • AA (Second Grade): 
  • Farm League (9-year-olds): 
  • AAA (10 & 11 year-olds): 
  • Fifth Grade:  
  • Sixth Grade: Dan Duggan
  • Babe Ruth (13-year-olds):
  • Babe Ruth (14- to 16-year-olds):

Softball Coordinators (Spring)

  • First/Second Grades:
  • Third/Fourth Grades: Nate Razza
  • Fifth/Sixth (Majors): 

Safety Officer:


Uniforms and Equipment:   

MYBS Photographer: Lisa McDonald


Treasurer/Opening Day/Championship Day Coordinator:

Swain Concession Stand:

Sponsors and Business Drive: 

Buy-a-Brick Fundraising: ave DeCoste

Summer Baseball:

Summer Babe Ruth:

Background Screening: