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Please Read: Bench/Safety Coach
by Sean McCarthy posted 7/7/2020

As we start the regular season, we must all adhere to the CDC and Massachusetts Phased guidelines for the return to baseball & softball.  To make the coaches job easier and the kids safer, we will be assigning a parent or an assistant coach to be the "Bench/Safety Coach" for the game.  The job is not an easy one, but it is for the benefit of all.  It may sound like you are pestering the participants, but remember that it is for their own safety and the kids (and sometimes coaches) need to be reminded. 


Coordinators or Coaches will be assigning who will be the Bench Coach.  If you cannot make the game please find your own replacement (do not leave it up to the coach, they do enough already). 

This will be an active ‘job’ so you should NOT be participating in game coaching activities (doing the book, base coaching, etc.)


  1. Prior to Game: please arrive early when players are set to arrive (don't show up at game time).
    1. Gather supplies from the Head Coach.  They will have hand sanitizer, cleaning hand towels, and spray bottle (which will be in the concession stand at Metacomet or in the green fieldbox at McCarthy.  Softball teams have their own sets of supplies)
    2. Ensure that all kids & coaches receive hand sanitizer when they ARRIVE at the event (could be 45 minutes before game time for older grades)
    3. Spray and wipe down the bench and high contact areas with the disinfectant spray and team towel (coaches will show you where this is)
  2. During the Game: Ensure players (and coaches are following the safety rules)
    You are responsible to ensure bats and game balls are sanitized
    1. Collect the game ball from pitcher at the end of the inning (give it light/quick spray or clean with hand towel).  
      • Note - Each team will have their own set of game balls.
    2. Ensure kids do not hang around in dugout unless they are going to be up in the next 3 batters.
      Head/Assistant Coach will tell kids who is up next to be in the dugout, and other players should be in their assigned areas along the fence.
    3. Apply hand sanitizer as needed (if kids are biting their fingers, remind them to stop and re-apply sanitizer)
    4. Remind participants to keep masks up when they are off the field if they are not able to distance themselves.
      •  Masks are recommended, but not required, if they are in the field of play
    5. Participants are not allowed to chew gum, sunflower seeds, or be spitting in general
    6. When your team is batting, if a player gets on base you will need to retrieve the bat and return it to the dugout.
      • Remind kids to not pick up anyone else’s bat.
    7. Use the hand towel to pick the bat up, if the a player/coach accidentally picks it up give it a quick spray and place it in the dugout.
  3. After the Game:
    1. Hand sanitizer for all kids & coaches when they LEAVE the event
    2. Spray down the bench area and high contact areas (e.g. fence poles that coaches may hang on to)

All Coaches & spectators need to hold eachother accountable ... we require all spectators to also wear facemasks and do their best to practice social distancing.   If people do not have masks they may be asked to leave the fields.  If you have any questions, please reach out to MYBS: 


Thank you and I hope to see you at the fields this Summer!



Phase 3 guidelines - https://www.mass.gov/doc/safety-standards-for-youth-and-adult-amateur-sports-activities-phase-iii-step-1/download



Microsoft Word file 2018 Little League Evaluation Form

Microsoft Excel file Baseball Age and Skill Grid

Microsoft Excel file Softball Age and Skills Chart