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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Rays! My name is Danny Blood and I'll be the head coach this year along with Matt Koch and Andrew Drillock as Assistant Coaches. We have a great group of kids on our team and we're looking forward to a fun and exciting season of Majors Baseball.

You can find this bulletin, roster, schedule, and other team info on our team page.


Games and Practice

  • Games - these will start AFTER April vacation. Please us the SSU App or website for details. We will typically have two games per week on Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday evenings. Note: Players should show up 45 minutes BEFORE schedule game time. We do a significant amount of work during this time. We will do batting practice, warm, and drills. The time invested before the games is critical to the development of our team and players.
  • Practices - We're going to try to get a couple of team practices before the season starts, weather permitting. After the season starts we'll be looking at either Saturday morning or Sunday evening practice that may be a clinic style combined with our teams. Club baseball players - we know you are practicing and playing a lot already. Please try to attend the first couple practices as we try to coordinate our team.

Season Expectations

  • Positions - Not everyone is going to pitch, play first, catcher, or shortstop. Everyone will play the infield or the outfield during games. This is Majors, the highest level of Little League so we will be putting the kids in position to succeed based on skill level.
  • Playing Time - Everyone plays, everyone bats. No player will sit more than 2 innings in a 6 inning game
  • Batting - Everyone bats but we will construct lineups based on ability as well as game strategy.
  • Pitching - Players that demonstrate the ability to consistently throw strikes will be given the opportunity to pitch. We will work with kids during the season as well so your son that wants to pitch may not pitch at the beginning but we'll work toward it. Players that need to develop their pitching must also be working OUTSIDE of our team to improve. It requires work in order to consistently throw strikes. We will be utilizing Pitch Counts and Little League guidelines for pitcher rest. See link below.
  • Equipment - Helmets are required and I HIGHLY recommend a C-Flap to protect the face. A C-Flap saved my son from a serious issue last season. Hats and uniforms will be handed out at the first practice. For bats, it MUST be a USA Baseball approved bat. It MUST have the USA Baseball logo on it to be used.

Overall, we want the boys to have a memorable, fun, and exicting season of baseball. We'll work to become a better team each and every week. It's not always apparent, but there is a lot of team coordinator in baseball and getting better in those areas of team baseball will not only produce a better team, but a team that is more fun to watch, and a cohesive unit that works together to play and enjoy the game of baseball.

Pitch Counts

Little Rules regarding pitch counts and rest 

  • 66+ pitches (85 max) - 4 days rest
  • 51-63 - 3 days rest
  • 36-50 - 2 days rest
  • 21-35 - 1 day rest
  • 20 or less - can pitch next day

Parent Expectations

  • Club baseball pitchers - Please let me know by Monday afternoon if your son is available to pitch in any capacity for the upcoming week. You can keep it simple, like "Tuesday yes, Thurs/Fri - 1 inning max".
  • RSVP to Practices/Games - Use the SSU Play app to let us coaches know your son's availability. The sooner the better because we will build plans and lineups based on the information in the app. You can find it in Apple/Google app store. NOTE: if you've used it before, to see updates for this season, log out and log back into the app.
  • Snack Shack at Metacoment - parents are expected to volunteer one game per season at the amazing snack shack at Metacoment. MYBS coordinator Jim Hatch will be reaching out about this and scheduling your time. It's super easy duty and helps MYBS keep this amazing asset running smoothly.

Again, we're really looking forward to the season. I've heard many of the kids talking about the season so I know they are excited too. Let's play ball!

Any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via email or next.




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